Monday, October 28, 2013

New Direction

Please don't confuse this with One Direction--I don't need a bunch of crazy Directioners stalking me :)

No, this is about the New Direction of the long-dormant blog, Fernandes, Party of Five. Three years later, I'm ready to pick up the trail, this time veering into homeschool world. We've started homeschooling our three kids, one in grade 3 and two in grade 1-ish. Since I'm trying to back-pedal in my Facebook usage, I thought this would be a great forum for the grandparents to keep up on what projects we are doing. And also to prove to myself that we actually are accomplishing something. Occasionally. I will also be having the kids post some of their writing assignments online, because everyone knows that when you are writing for an audience, your focus grows sharper! So without further ado, I give you the Fernandes Academy of Fine Arts and Practical Living (FAFAPL)!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Keepin' busy

Now that Sofia's in school, me and the boys have found new ways to entertain ourselves.... Don't judge.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We're expanding our family!

We have a new honorary member of the family. You see, there's this cat. He just showed up one day, and refused to leave. I told the children in no-uncertain terms that we would NOT be feeding him. Filipe's very allergic to cats, so indoors is out, while the HOA does not allow for outdoor cats. So the cat would just have to leave.

Well, he didn't. We went for probably three weeks with no feeding. He subsisted on at least one bird and perhaps a bunch of lizards. When it became very obvious that he intended to stay, Filipe bought him some food. So how he's kind of our cat. I intended not to name him either, but the kids did that before I had the chance to put the kibosh on it. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce,


You like the name? Sofia came up with it. She said that's his name because he's a cat, and he keeps coming back. So catback it is.

As a side note, if anyone locally is looking for a VERY friendly VERY tolerant cat (imagine the kids dumping mulch on his head, and he just looks around), let me know. We technically can't keep him, but I'm telling anyone who asks that he's not ours.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little Drummer Boy

Thank you, craigslist. Now my intensely obsessed Ben can drum to his hearts content. And I can turn down the volume! I'm hoping that it will save my mixing bowls some wear-and-tear.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I believe in miracles!

So I finally bought a new camera. Nothing fancy, but lightyears better than what I had. One whose flash works (miracle!) So to get back in the groove, here's our day today:

We had our friend Kylie over for an all-day playdate, and found out it's her birthday! We picked up some cupcake mix & frosting from the store, invited some friends over for a little party.

Sofia had a great time playing dress up

And by the end of the day, had made a friend.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

On the Move.....

I know it's been FOR-EVA since I've blogged, and to my two faithful readers who have noticed, my apologies. The short version is that we have been getting the house prepped to put on the market tomorrow. Yes, we are going to (try to) sell our house, in an effort to downsize our life a bit. Just a re-ordering of priorities. We had the photographer/videographer come over to our (miraculously clean) house for a photo session on Friday, and I'll be able to share the pics with you tomorrow, I think, when we go live. So until then....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

For every action....

There is an equal and opposite reaction.

This afternoon I got the rare inspiration to get the kitchen cleaned up. Not spotless, mind you, as evidenced by the dishes in the sink, but I got all the counters wiped down, the dishwasher running, and even swept and mopped the floor.

Now before you start to feel jealous, or have the undeniable urge to title me Domestic Queen of the Universe, let me show you the equal and opposite reaction happening upstairs.

This is the symbiotic relationship we have.... I clean all day, the kids destroy all day. If it weren't for them destroying, I wouldn't have to clean. If I didn't clean, they would have no inspiration to destroy. The cleanest room is the most enticing. Punks.